Take your botting
success to the Peak.

Exclusive Pricing

At Peak Proxies we offer the highest quality proxies on the market for the most competitive rates possible. It’s our vision at Peak to ensure our users have a proxy solution that combines excellent speeds, privacy, and service with low prices. Here is a basic summary of tiers and plans at your disposal:


24x7 Support

Get help at any time inside our discord support server. Our staff and admins are always available to resolve any issues.

Peak Performance

The different plans we offer are designed to work across all sites whether it’s sneakers, retail or captcha services with incredible speed.

Proxy Dashboard

Our proxy dashboard was designed with ease of use in mind. Easily keep track of your usage, toggle between static/rotating, choose specific sites or locations and quickly copy them.

99.9% uptime

Our dedicated servers and pools are optimized to ensure there is no unexpected downtime.

Always Evolving

The current state of botting is forever changing, on the peak we make sure to change with them. New plans, pools and proxy types are constantly being added and will continue to evolve over time.

Secure Network

Dedicated site pools are added before every big drop to ensure our network stays fresh for our users. No need to worry about others affecting your performance.

Worldwide Coverage

Our proxies have been thoroughly tested to work with any sneaker bot on any site. You can rely on 99% uptime, 24/7 support from our staff and the reliability of a tried and true worldwide proxy network. Click on the button below to get started.

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